Yoga Sutras Introduction with Shelly

Welcome to The Yoga Sutras of Pantajali

Today we'll review what The Yoga Sutras are and why they're important to learn both as yogis and as human beings.


Use the audio file to guide you through the PowerPoint presentation. Stop once you reach a blank page or get to Yamas – that's for the next section.


Throughout this PowerPoint (and all of our lessons) on The Yoga Sutras, you'll find study questions after each main point. It is best to go back and answer these questions in your notes after you've reviewed the entire PowerPoint first. The questions are also listed below for your convenience. Spend about 15 minutes total answering these questions in your notes.

  1. How can you embody “truth is one, paths are many” as a yoga teacher? 
  2. Why is it important to keep this in mind when reading The Yoga Sutras?
  3. What does “restraint” mean and how can we practice it?
  4. What does “bondage” mean in this context? Identify a thought that you’ve been bound to and how it may have limited you.
  5. What is “liberation” in this context? What is a thought that has liberated you?
  6. What do the “waves” represent and how could they distort your reflection?
  7. How do you make your mind still and what does a still mind feel like?

The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali Days 1-3 (1).pdf
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